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Meet our Leaders 

District Elder Donald D. Richardson Sr. is the pastor of Glorious Bethlehem Temple Church. He received the baptism in Jesus name and the Holy Ghost in June 1976.  


In the 1980s the pastor was called by God to enter into ministry as a preacher. Through the years, Dist. Eld. Richardson remained humble and obedient to the Lord's calling which opened up doors for him locally and on a state and national level. He has held many positions throughout the Florida State Council of the P.A.W. He served as the state's young people president and vice he also served as treasurer and vice president of the men's ministry. He currently serves as the auxiliary director for the Florida State Council youth department.


In 1997, he was appointed to assistant pastor of Glorious Bethlehem Temple.  He served in that position until the Lord elevated him to his current position of pastor in 2009. Two years later the Diocese of the Florida State Council, Bishop Billy G. Newton promoted him to district elder.  


Under the leadership of Dist Eld. Richardson the church has grown in many ways including but not limited to an increase in membership, community engagement, finances and the anointing of God as the pastor continues to let the Lord lead him in his vision. As the pastor loves to say on many occasions, "But God."


District elder has been happily married to First Lady Sheila Richardson for 41 years. He is the father of four (Donna, Donald Jr., Stephen and Derrick) and grandfather of six.  


Sister Sheila L. Richardson is the first lady of Glorious Bethlehem Temple. She was baptized in Jesus name, January 1975 and received the Holy Ghost March 1975.


She immediately started working for the Lord as she influenced friends and family to receive the Holy Ghost too. She worked as a Sunday School teacher, an usher on the state level and participated in many singing groups along with the state choir. She served as the pastor's aide president for many years all the way, up until she and district elder were installed as the new leaders of Glorious Bethlehem Temple.






The First Family of GBT

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